Woodfin the kaleidoscopic chameleon loves to be different. But being different colors or different patterns doesn’t really change who he is inside. He appreciates the diversity of his forest of friends and helps each see their special talents.  
Leafin is Woodfin's younger sister. While she tries to get Woodfin to be his “normal” colors, she learns that it’s our differences that make us special.  
Clipper the Cardinal, Woodfin's best friend, shows his zest for the experiences of life as his aviator wings carry him and his friend to the next colorful adventure.  
Setting the standard for manners in the forest, Charles the proper Woodchuck is always available to help the animals of the forest polish up their behavior.  
Bach the Croc, serving as both conscience and counsel for all members of the forest world, can be found deep in the swamp; his all seeing eyes wisely on watch.  
Hank the Hawk represents the darkness of danger until Woodfin sheds some light on his true personality.  

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