Hey Kids!! Click on any of the coloring sheets below to get a full size picture that you can color!

Woodfin's friends are staring at him. What color is he?

Woodfin matches the rainbow.

It's pumpkin time.

It's fun to match a loon!

Woodfin is showing off what colors?
Woodfin & Leafin

Woodfin is afraid to look at his color.

Can you make Woodfin a scary color?

What flower is Woodfin matching?

Woodfin matches grapes and morning glories.

Woodfin shows Leafin his colors.
Woodfin & Friends

Woodfin & Leafin hide from Hank the hawk.

Woodfin loves to match a parrot.

Woodfin & Leafin take a ride on Brickle the beaver.

Hooten the owl says "hello".

Charles the proper woodchuck says, "Mind your manners".
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