Bring Woodfin Home!! Your young reader will enjoy spending time with the adventuresome chameleon who loves to be anything but ordinary. Inspire your loved-ones, and yourself, to be your own true colors! Help your child develop Woodfin's positive cornerstone messages of acceptance, diversity, self-respect and attitude. And have fun while you do it!
Book Series
The first books of the Woodfin series are available to add to your home or library. Fun and colorful illustrations by AJ Dewey will delight your young readers and the stories are wonderfully written by Susan Egner. Join Woodfin and his friends as they find one adventure after another.

$16.95 for Has Anyone Seen Woodfin?
$16.95 for Woodfin's Colors: The Prequel
(Both books available August 15)

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Plush Toys Coming Soon!
Give your young one a friend who understands what it's like to be different. Woodfin celebrates his magical color-changing ability and shows us that it is our differences that make us special! Available in 6 bright and fun Woodfin colors.
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